About EdLab

Doing Good Stuff in order to do Good Stuff

Working innovatively with communities and developing student employability, through creating innovative educational experiences. Contact us on edlab @ mmu.ac.uk


EdLab is a student enrichment and employability project which aims to develop innovative educational provision, practice and possibilities, through developing community engagement with sustainable, genuine and positive impact. EdLab recognises the academic and social potential for ‘gentle partnership’, where knowledge generation and exchange is decentralised and collaborative between students and their local and regional communities.

To achieve this, students are encouraged and supported to work with communities to solve problems and add value in inventive and enterprising ways. We see opportunities for students to explore innovations in learning, teaching and educational provision, by working with communities in informal spaces to enrich the experiences of learners, youth and community. In doing this we will find out more about the ways in which ‘flat’ collaborations operate to produce innovation in education and community development. MMU students will play an integral role in experimenting and documenting this process, and MMU staff will seek to add their knowledge and experience to the project’s outcomes.


EdLab projects will be a way for our students to build their experience and skills in innovative practice in order to develop their distinctiveness as future employees within the education sector. To support this, we will integrate these experiences into the delivery and assessment of formal course units. This will also provide a means to nurture the sustainability of community projects by making them part of our normal activities. Thus EdLab will recognise the value of extracurricular student activities, as well as community and public engagement.

EdLab outreach projects will work with the Department of Childhood, Youth and Education Studies to enact MMU’s central policy to enhance employability, employment and enterprise (E3).