EdLab Opportunities

There are different strand of opportunities which EdLab helps to pull together.

EdLab Challenges

The concept of Educational Challenges are key to way EdLab works. Rather than learning as existing facts to be absorbed and reproduced, our challenges set up learners and partners in situations where there is a real problem to be solved.

We work with students from across different University departments, wide to solve challenges for both the University and our business and community partners. There are always new challenges being added to our list . So make sure to keep coming back to see what ones best match your interests.

Set us a Challenge: If you have an interesting challenge for our students. Then please use this form to tell us about it.

Workshops and Speakers

Our workshop and speaker series acts as a hub for our activities. We invite speakers to present exciting projects and invite them to inspire action and innovation around educational issues.

Our EdLab workshops are every Wednesday at midday. The location of the workshops does change depending on the format so be sure to check the Events Calendar to find out where we be.

Suggest a Speaker or Workshop:f Do you know of an inspiring speaker who we could invite to lead one of our EdLab workshops?

Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming events at this time.