Meet the Team

Juliette Wilson-Thomas


I have been a perpetual student since I started formal education at age 5. Alongside these studies I have always worked with children, young people and adults in both paid and unpaid positions.

Educationally I have a mixed background, English degree, CertTESOL, Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education, Postgraduate Certificate in Social Sciences and a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice. As the culmination of this I undertook a social sciences PhD investigating social exclusion and a type of community group known as a ‘time bank.’

This relationship between my studies and practice has enriched my understanding and involvement on both sides, which has enabled me to succeed as a student and to find fulfilling work roles. It is this experience which makes me passionate about the aims of EdLab; doing good stuff, in order to do good stuff.

Mick Chesterman

mickI love the diversity of activities and subject matter that we are able to work with in EdLab. I am looking forward to all the different EdLab projects and challenges that will come up over the coming years.

My background in teaching is wide. I moved from teaching languages to teaching technology in 1999. Since then I’ve been an advocate of using technology in an appropriate way to help the aims of community and campaign groups. Much of my work has been about creating accessible learning resources for tech tools.

After completing a Msc in Computing and PGCE in Computing with ICT, I joined the team at the Faculty of Education. I have a commitment to project based education and building strong links with local community educators by involving our students to add to their provision.


Mark Peace

mark_headI joined MMU in 2008, following a career as a Head of Sociology at secondary and sixth-form levels. My substantive responsibilities within the Faculty of Education are with the experience of undergraduate students within the Department for Childhood, Youth and Education Studies. My role spans the full student life-cycle, from recruitment and welcome, through enrichment and satisfaction with studies and into employability and alumni relations. I am commited, in all of this work, to ensuring that the department operates as a community – with students and staff existing as partners, rather than in a consumer and supplier relationship.

Words of wisdom

Don’t think of your student experience just as the things that tutors teach you in units. Think of it as all of the opportunities and priveleges afforded to you by the three years in which you occupy the status of student. Through yourselves into sessions with all your energies, but embrace all of the extra-curricula opportunities offered to you – and enjoy the company of your fellow students because they will add richness and depth to you. And if you do all of this, I give you full permission to enjoy staying in bed until 11am with regular frequency.