EdLab Spark: Creating ‘Cooler’ teaching resources on Climate


The Carbon Literacy Project is helping by creating a “carbon instinct”, making it routine for all for us to make those everyday changes that minimise the damage, and maximise our opportunity, now and in the future.

Climate Change affects everyone, and although more and more people are now responding, not everyone has yet realised how urgent and important our actions are.

Cooler have developed resources on carbon sustainability to deliver in schools. The target age range is Year 6 and Year 7. At EdLab we look forward to working with Cooler to help deliver these sessions in the new year but there is a more pressing challenge.


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EdLab Spark: Design an app to help refugee community groups create websites

In these times of mass migration and refugee crisis, the web is being used as a key tool to mobilise support and spread helpful information. Mobile devices are being used more and more as the tool to share information and access learning. Our challenge is to work with an existing course to take advantage of the web and mobiles.

Community Arts North West have a strong track record of supporting refugee groups and individuals through their Exodus programmes. We will work with CAN to create resources for refugee groups on how to create  community or campaign websites.

CAN run a course to support community groups called Community SpirIT. Community SpirIT is a free introductory digital-media training course run by Community Arts North West aimed at community leaders.

Students will have the opportunity to attend parts of the course and to observe the training in progress. They will work with the course leaders to evaluate how to best take this learning and make it available as a resource to create campaign and community website for refugee groups.

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Summary of Everybody Loves Robots project

MMU’s pilot project ‘EVERYBODY LOVES ROBOTS’ came to a close on 1st April. Pupils from three local primary schools brought their robots to the ‘show and tell’ celebration event. And they were AWESOME! Check them out…


Videos of the project

Here is a video made up of stills of the project.


It’s not finished but we wanted to share the rough cut with you. MMU student Thomas Payton-Greene made this rather wonderful video about the recent Everybody Loves Robots MMU/ Manchester Hive project:


Originally posted here.

Below is a photo gallery of stills from the video.

Manchester Learning Hive – teaching technology in the gaps

There are many ways to learn about technology. We all know about ICT and Computing lessons as schools but what about other ways. Based on feedback from students, we are are very interested in making connections between learning technology to other areas of interest. To do this we are looking for inspiration from the HIVE Learning Networks especially those in New York  and Chicago.

We want you to think of activities that can be a good base for future work for the Hive Network in Manchester. These activities could be driven by any passion. It could be interest in Music, interest in changing the world or making your neighbourhood a better place. It could be putting on a fun event.

Digital technology is now everywhere but we are still all learning to use it to make the world a better, more connected place. The key part of this mission is to engage not only with the digital and technology elements of a project but to bring in civil or human rights issues.

About Hive Learning Networks

The following video best explains how a Hive Network can be useful for a city.


MMU student Thomas Payton-Greene made this video about Everybody Loves Robots MMU/ Manchester Hive project:


More Information:

If you would like to support and develop this project please contact m.chesterman@mmu.ac.uk or edlab@mmu.ac.uk

Partner Name: Manchester Hive

Keywords: civic issues, popular education, hive networks, digital rights


EdLab Spark: Mashing up Music, Coding and Physical Computing

The days of Computing and ICT as a subject where students are trapped behind computer screens are gone. There are now many ways to teach computational thinking and coding concepts. One of these ways is through creating music.


The project involves Hive Manchester, students of the Faculty of Education and the music educational project Noisy Toys. We will work together to create different creative educational experiences involving music and technology.

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EdLab Spark: Link Creativity to Digital at Manchester Libraries

Manchester Libraries have an exciting and diverse range of activities that they run for with children, young people and families. They have an open challenge to us to attend and improve some of the activities that they deliver. Some of the events and projects we can get involved with are detailed below.


The library want to get more children, young people and families into the library to use there fabulous facilities. For example, they have an fantastic music section with mixing desks and electronic drum kits. Can you come up with a creative idea to engage these groups which involves some kind of digital element.

More Information:

If you would like to support and develop this project please contact m.chesterman@mmu.ac.uk or edlab@mmu.ac.uk

Partner Name: Manchester Libraries – http://www.manchester.gov.uk/libraries

Keywords: creative, crafts, digital, ipads, coding, art, reading